On Sacrifice.

I used to believe that in order to be truly fulfilled, you have to sacrifice part of your happiness. In order to get ahead in your career, you have to sacrifice your home life. In order to be truly loved, you have to sacrifice part of yourself. You can't have your cake and eat it too, right?

For me, contentment became a fleeting thought, and it seemed as though in order to have anything, you have to sacrifice something. 'Sacrifice' was such a huge part of my vocabulary, i was sick of hearing myself say it.

We are always told that we can't have it all. But i believe that is an extremely problematic statement to engraine in a young growing mind. This concept of sacrifice has in-prisoned our thought process, decreased our motivation and practically killed our dreams. 'Sacrificing' teaches us that in order to have something we want, we have to give up something else we clearly also want. This ideal is unhealthy and only encourages attachment, fear (of loss), and materialism. It amplifies the notion of " If i have to give up this thing right here, I'm going to attach myself to the thing that I'm keeping". Sacrifice is nothing but an unhealthy amplified attachment to material and mental posessions. And when we feel as though we had to forgo something in order to obtain the alternative, we create a sense of ownership, pride and false contentment.

What i have learned over these years of 'unlearning' is that sacrifice does not exist. Whatever you feel like you have to 'sacrifice' is not meant for you. It is about allowing the universe to give you what you need, and take away what you don't. When we don't attach ourselves to thoughts, opinions, people, titles and possessions, we open up a path for the universe to bring us blessings, and allow it to take what is no longer serving our journey. We are free to grow, and we don't stunt our development by holding on to unnecessary baggage. If you feel as though you have to sacrifice something, you are harboring an unhealthy attachment. Let go of the control, allow the universe to do its job, and watch the blessings pour in. Trust in the process. The universe gives you everything you need at any given moment. So in essence, you ALWAYS have it all...